Photos: Fallen Captive & Sykosis @ The Empire Concert Club

I found a Saturday night wide open for once and just couldn't stay chained inside with nothing to do. Thank goodness for Facebook events. Clicked to see if anything was playing near me and "boom", Fallen Captive and Sykosis were in Akron that night. Gathered up some gear and shipped off hoping to catch the last few acts.

Fallen Captive


Photos: Harlow, Flight 619, Walking In Circles @ Tim Owens' Travelers Tavern

Friday evening, I got to see the updated Travelers Tavern or as most remember it, Rippers Rock House. I was diggin' the new setup and when you walk-in, you're greeted with a cozy dining establishment equipped with a full bar. As you make your way down to the other end of the floor, things get feeling more at home when you reach the stage. The place was packed full of fans all over the board with Harlow (Detroit, MI), Flight 619, and Walking In Circles all setting off bangin' sets to start the weekend. Here are a few of my favorites from the evening.