the tangier

Flight 619, Maid Myriad and Red Sun Rising @ The Tangier

Saturday night introduced a stellar lineup at the Tangier in Akron. Flight 619, Maid Myriad and coming off their mid-tour stop, Red Sun Rising, raised the noise to a nicely packed Tangier crowd.

Flight 619

Every time I end up shooting Flight 619, I always come away with portfolio shots. It's not hard to see why. Three veteran musicians who have extensive talents in the music industry and a young lead singer who can nail those notes while delivering a entertaining live performance. And I can't forget their manager, Greg Wilkinson of Mad Rabbit Media, who put it all together. Can't wait to see and hear the next steps unfold for you all.

Maid Myriad

Maid Myriad were a new band I never heard of until that night. Jeff, their front man, was a lot of fun to photograph. Thanks and best of luck on the upcoming tour.

Red Sun Rising

The guys of RSR were able to set up a show before traveling back out with Pop Evil for the remainder of the year. It's so cool to see them come back, especially since they've achieved rock star status outside the states. Also, they will be performing at "Welcome to Rockville Festival" this Spring in Florida. If you can't see 'em then, they'll be in Columbus performing at "Rock on the Range". Congrats guys!

This being my fifth time shooting Red Sun Rising, I finally was able to get a decent shot of Ryan. Most of the time his hair is dancing back and forth in his face whenever I try to sneak in for a shot. Loved his energy that night. Really all over the place and interacting with the crowd.

Photographer's Notes:

Nikon D600 (Updated)
Nikon 24-70 f/2.8