Matt Moser, Photographer

Matt is a music photographer and creator of Moser Photoworks with a professional background as a graphic designer. With over 10 years experience behind the camera, his niche was discovered in the summer of 2013 when he attended a friend's band and at that point, he decided that music would be his target genre of photography. His work and accomplishments have been stretched out locally, nationally, and internationally into Europe; appearing on websites, blogs, newspapers, and on musician's social media pages. Even having his photo published overseas when Stencil Magazine circulated his image of The Word Alive in their April 2016 issue.

Yes, I'm writing this as if someone is talking about me, but in all fairness, you know Matt (me) is really pulling the words out of his head and onto the screen. I really couldn't ask someone to do this than the one guy who knows more about myself. Me! I'll stop the bio here, BUT I love Q and A’s. If you have questions about how I shoot or my post-processing, ask away. I'm an open book with 18pt type, double spaced with colorful pictures. Thanks!

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