Photos: Olathia CD Release Show + The Artwork!

Friday evening, Olathia kicked off their CD release party at the Empire Concert Club and Bar in Akron. This was a big deal, not only for the band, but myself, as I finally got to see the finished product with my photos all decked out. Their designer/artist, Dave Vezdos made me grin ear-to-ear and so incredibly proud this thing came together so effortlessly.

You're not going to get a headbanging CD with your photography in it and NOT get the band's signature?! I think not.

This was show number 8 for the guys. Everything seemed to gel together as the sound and energy was clean and vibrate as ever. With the lights dimmed down as Chris' backing vocals echoed through the venue, you could feel the violent anticipation build up as "Hellhound" unleashed through Steve and Jake's guitar. It was time! Strobes up and the fog surrounding the stage. A perfect introduction!

My picks as follow:

Photographer's Notes:

Nikon D600 (Updated)
Sigma Art 50mm f/1.4

I decided to be a little adventurous and try out a new lens I never shot with in a concert setting. The Sigma Art lens was removed from my bag and into the firing line. This piece of glass is so fast, so sharp, it makes my other pro lens look like a mere kit piece. To have the luxury to shoot at f/1.4 makes everything look silky as butter and allows me to really lock in on my subject. I would of loved to get some wider shots, but as soon as I get my second body, I will keep this on standby!