The Kent Stage

Photos: Red Sun Rising w/ Flight 619 @ The Kent Stage

Photo Credit: Jeff Weaver

Photo Credit: Jeff Weaver

A new city, a new venue. Saturday, Red Sun Rising had their much anticipated CD release show for "Polyester Zeal" at the Kent Stage here in Kent, Ohio where Flight 619 got to officially start the party that evening. Up until the event, there was A LOT of buzz circulating around Facebook, even a few articles printed in the newspaper leading up til tonight, so it wasn't a surprise to show up minutes before showtime (and parking my vehicle 3 blocks away) to find the theater filled up.

It was really great to see everyone there I recognized that have been following my work from past shows. I'm not the one to pride myself in a room, because if anyone knows me, I'm the guy who rather stray the shadows, but it felt great to receive the appreciation.

Jeff Weaver was taking photos of everyone holding up a over-sized signed print of Red Sun Rising's album, so he caught Greg (Flight 619's manager) and I just upon my arrival. Thank you Jeff!

Flight 619

When I asked Greg if everyone was accountable for tonight, he told me yes, but Dakota was feeling the butterflies settle in. Immediately upon stepping inside the theater, I told myself, "this has to be their biggest crowd they've played to date". As soon as they were introduced, it was quite the opposite. Dakota stormed out behind the curtain in her signature pilot cap, sporting some kitty leg stockings and totally OWNED that stage! It was something I've never seen her do with this much confidence. She worked the whole stage, amped up the crowd during key parts of the songs, and even shared the mic together with boyfriend/guitarist, Cody as they both sang key parts together. Even Cody's brother filled in on bass and everything seemed to be operating on all cylinders. Congratulation performance!

Red Sun Rising

With the place as busy, I was crammed in the front, center stage. But thankfully, I was surrounded with familiar faces thanks to Charlie and Christine for making room for my skinny butt up front. RSR opened with "Push" and the crowd, now in full force as everyone had their arms waving in the air. It was nice to see, but not entirely fun to shoot without taking out someone with an elbow. With my bubble being shared with others, the only thing separating me from the stage was this little; I don't know what do call it, cubby size barrier area which required you so pop a squat. I was told I wasn't allowed, but after seeing another person in there and the view obscured from anyone hired to kick me out, I thought I stretch my legs a bit and 'gymnastic' my way over it. Now the only thing I had to worry about was the possibility of beer being spilt over me (thankfully did not occur) or someone petting my head, which I could of careless at the moment (which happened on a few occasions).

Another great performance by everyone in RSR. I got a lot of keepers for my portfolio!